Never has the pace of innovation been so fast. And never has the complexity of existing systems been so great.

Innovation in the payment domain related to new initiatives such as Contactless cards, EMV, PayPal, and Apple Pay requires a range of skill-sets to develop and implement change.


Many companies are seeking solutions which utilize low-cost technology requiring easily available skills to develop and implement and that can integrate easily into the existing legacy infrastructure.

RIPPS  – Renovite’s Integrated Payment Processing System

RenovITe’s Integrated Payment Processing System (RIPPS) is the first transaction switch designed to meet the needs of the 21st Century payments industry. RIPPS discards the legacy thinking that underpins other architectures, dispensing with historic assumptions about payment tokens, transaction routing and proprietary systems.

RenovITe’s willingness to embrace modern approaches has by-passed the solutions built in the early 2000s based on 1990 design patterns. It has delivered a product solution that is capable of replacing legacy payment switches from the 1980s and 1990s as an integral component in a 21st Century life cycle based on Continuous Delivery or DevOps principles.

RIPPS, from RenovITe, is a payment solution designed from the ground up to take advantage of modern, open, low-cost technologies. It has been architected to manage the acquisition, authentication, capture and authorization of electronic payment transactions.


REXA – Renovite Engine for eXtreme Automation

Over the years Banks and Financial Institutions worldwide have invested in streamlining of Quality improvement measures. Significant amount of this effort has been towards automation in terms of building, identifying, assessing appropriate tools that gets aligned with organization automation needs.

The growing demand for rapidly developed and deployed Payment applications means that test automation has become a critical part of the product lifecyle. To address this as a key objective and to ensure effective and efficient execution of complex test scenarios we have developed our automated testing suite REXA . The ability to setup and execute automated test scripts aross the transaction chain from the point of acquiring and up until settlement will greatly improve the quality while cutting down on the time and costs.