November 15 , 2017

Applying the brakes to the runaway train of technical debt

In 2008 the hubris of the financial sector that we serve finally caught up with itself. Mountains of consumer debt that had been packaged, re-sold and deferred turned out to be unserviceable and the whole edifice came tumbling down. Now commentators are asking whether any lessons have really been learned as consumer debt in some western economies starts to climb again....

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June 13 , 2017

Payments revolution at Money 20/20 Europe 2017!

In today's connected world there are several opportunities for banks and financial institutions to increase the level of engagement with the end customers and businesses. The role of mobile and social media is significant, driven largely by the millennial generation while followed by the rest of us. Periodic regulatory changes and impending PSD2/ISO 20022 in the EU calls for European financial institutions to address their existing payments ecosystem, processes, engagement models and product features....

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